Mole Creek Primary School

A safe, fair, caring, learning community.

School Vision

Learners engaged, challenged and supported in a community that promotes excellence and togetherness.


Student Vision

At Mole Creek we are creative, safe, active and responsible. 

Being at Mole Creek means I have the right to be creative, feel safe and be active.

Being at Mole Creek means that I have a responsibility to let others feel safe, allow everyone to be creative and be an active citizen.

School Values

At our school, all students are engaged in a wide range of learning experiences that encourage lifelong LEARNING and the skills to positively engage in the community.  Students are part of a culture of EXCELLENCE promoted by high expectations and a commitment to imaginative and innovative learning.

Welcome to our school where we are committed to educating your child and preparing them for success in life.

Why you will love learning at Mole Creek


Outdoor Agricultural Education

Students have weekly sessions at the school farm where they interact with the farm livestock and participate in agricultural learning and gain knowledge in the areas of animal husbandry and fundamental farm practices.


Computers and Technology Resources

Our school identifies the need for students to have access to Information Technology equipment and supports this with a 1:2 ratio of computers to students.  We also use interactive televisions, Ipads, digital microscopes and programmable robots to assist students in key learning areas.


Arts and Music Program

Our students enjoy expressing themselves though our visual arts and drama program.  Students also have the opportunity to experiment with various musical instruments such as guitars, recorders, ukuleles, keyboards and xylophones, and also participate in the school choir during their time in our music program.

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Welcome to our Community

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